About Emerging South

The purpose of Emerging South is to create a global network of entrepreneurs of various industries, active in Southern Emerging countries. Currently the focus of the network is to gather Brazilian and South African entrepreneurs or investors active in either of both countries.

The idea of creating Emerging South was born when a group of South Africa, European, North American and Brazilian entrepreneurs met in Rio de Janeiro in November 2007. John Baeyens took the initiative to set up a platform where all players of the community can freely contribute and share:

  1. Anybody can request to join the Emerging South network on Linkedin
  2. Anyone who wishes to send a sporadic contribution in either English, Portuguese, Dutch or Afrikaans can get in touch with an administrator through the contact form. We will gladly publish your article under your name.
  3. You wish to contribute more regularly? Let us know through the contact form. We will set-up a full account for you on our Silverstripe content management system.
  4. When you have a Brazilian or South African venture which you wished to have featured on the Emerging South Advertising section, you can do so. This is free of charge. We simply wish to run an interview with one of the founders of the venture for publication on Emerging South.
  5. You have ideas for further growing Emerging South? Get in touch.

We will be working on new features the coming months, like:

  1. A people index with a bio-synopsis of all the persons interview on Emerging South.
  2. A company index with all the companies written about on Emerging South.
  3. An agenda mentioning relevant events in South Africa and Brazil.
  4. A forum where visitors can discuss freely on subjects of their choices related to doing business in South Africa or Brazil.
  5. An ‘opportunity board’ module, where selected entrepreneurs can present a business opportunity to investors.

The coming months we will also looking to further expanding Emerging South with extra Southern emerging countries. If you are interested in taking the lead on any of the countries listed below; please let us know; the floor will be all yours:

  • Argentina
  • Botswana
  • Chile
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Panama

We wish to keep Emerging South a platform of neutral encounter and nurturing sharing. However, companies with active in South Africa and or Brasil who have a proposal of supporting the Emerging South initiative without endangering its mission, can always get in touch with us.


Emerging South Network

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