Aug 9 2009

Apartamento em Niteroi: Inga Imperial

By John Baeyens | Share This Brazil

On June 2nd, Vinlanda Assesoria, Incorporações & Projetos launched Inga Imperial, apartementos em Niteroi.
The project exists of 2 coberturas and 16 128m2 luxury apartments with only 2 apartments per floor.  The location is exquisite: in the calm Dr. Pereira Nunes street, just one block away from the beach.

Two months after pre-launch, the 2 coberturas are sold, as well as 8 from the 16 apartments.  Only 8 apartments are up for grab.
The average price of an apartment of 128 m2 is 460.000 R$, or 3.600 R$ per m2.

If you are looking for an apartmento em Niteroi, call Patrimovel and make an appointment for a visit.

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