May 16 2009

District 9 movie: Racial segregation and intolerance in SA

By John Baeyens | Share This South Africa

I'm sceptical on South Africa's short and mid-term future, that's no secret.  The whole African continent is facing an enormous economical backlash.  There will be a public deficit of 5,4% in 2009 compared to a surplus of 2,8% in 2009.  The commercial balance is dropping from a surplus of 2,7% in 2008 to a deficit of 4,3% in 2009.  Already today the South African public health system, on which 90% of the South Africans depend is falling apart
But the real big issue of South Africa will be the influx of immigrants.

South Africa is unlike Brazil not a multicultural country.  Different ethinic groups live next to each other and not with each other.   When I address a black chief of staff of South African Airlines in Joburg and I stand on my rights without insulting the woman, she immediately threatens me not to be racist.  The effect of "reverse racism" is absolutely stunning these days in the country.

And now there's an absolute blockbuster movie which will appear later this year which is taking place in South Africa and uses a metaphor to dig up the whole issue of racial seggregation, apartheid and intolerance in South Africa: District 9.
Neil Blomkamp is the director.  He is a South AFrican born, Vancouver based director.  I got know him in 2005 through these shortmovies: "Alive in Johannesburg".

For District 9 (which will be released on August 14th in South Africa and North America, later this year in Europe), Neil Blomkamp teamed up with Peter Jackson through and Jackson's production company, WingNut Films. Sony Pictures Entertainment picked up the North American distribution rights for District 9 which will mark Blomkamp's feature film directorial debut.  Peter Jackson is the producer of the Lord of the Rings, Crossing the Line,... so expect District 9 to become a blockbuster.

The setting is South Africa and the metaphor both producers use in District 9 is as suble as a brick to the head: "Look: South Africa ! Apartheid ! Racial Segregation and intelorance !"

Below two trailers: the first one is the edited one for Apple Trailers, the second one is the unedited one with the translation of the answers of the aliens (messsage: just like the Zimbabwen immigrants, the Aliens they have no bad intentions).

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