1. After the sucesfull completion of Moradas da Ilha en Casas Le Jardin in Florianopolis, Vinlanda launches Colinas do Mar in João Paulo, Florianopolis. Stylish contemporary houses in a priveleged neighbourhood 5km away from the center of Florianópolis.

    Visit the website here.

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  2. On June 2nd, Vinlanda Assesoria, Incorporações & Projetos launched Inga Imperial, apartementos em Niteroi.
    The project exists of 2 coberturas and 16 128m2 luxury apartments with only 2 apartments per floor. The location is exquisite: in the calm Dr. Pereira Nunes street, just one block away from the beach.

    Two months after pre-launch, the 2 coberturas are sold, as well as 8 from the 16 apartments. Only 8 apartments are up for grab.
    The average price of an apartment of 128 m2 is 460.000 R$, or 3.600 R$ per m2.

    If you are looking for an apartmento em Niteroi, call Patrimovel and make an appointment for a visit.

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  3. After last weeks update on the South African economy and real estate market, the figures of the Plettenberg Bay Property market show a further drop of 4,8% in the real estate prices for January only. The 2009 South African real estate prospects are a further decline until early 2010.

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  4. Earlier this wrote Brazil announced protectionistic matters; a lot has been written on it since then.
    But Brazil is not crazy to impose unilateral measures; they had a reason to do this. And here it is: Obama is launching a massive "Buy American" campaign; starting with a clause which stipulates that all the steel used for the infrastructure works in the US needs to be steel made in the US. Europe reacts with furious anger, but alas, this is just the start.

    The real question is: what are each countries SWOTs in a world which will becoming increasingly protectionistic?
    Brazil has a long experience being a very closed economy. Actually, until the 80s, the country nearly had no imports, certaily no imports of consumer goods. And even today all consumer products made in Brazil carry a logo "Industria Brasileira". Many times the locally produced products are not 100% of the same quality as the imported ones. But Brazilians will always stick to the Brazilian version, partly motivated by price, but as much by nationalistic pride. The most sold soda drink is not Coca Cola, but Guarana; a rare exception in the world and a consequence of this deep-embedded "Industria Brasileira" product.
    And here we are in Belgium, with no manufacturing industry left; let be with any pride left to buy "Made in Belgium" products.

    Update: BBC reports on big worries on protectionism at Davos 2009.

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  5. Just had an excange with Bart Becks and Robin Wauters on Twitter on the 2009 foresights of the US.

    I share the recent views of Nouriel Roubini and Peter Schiffer. The US recession will last two years. GDP will fall with a total of 5%, which is absolutely massive. Only in 2009, the US GDP will fall with 3,4%, declining every quarter of 2009. Unemployment will reach 9% by 2010. And housing prices will fall on average 44% from their 2007 until mid 2010. Only then will they stabilize and slowly, very slowly grow again. But it will take until far beyon 2015 before they will reach 2007 levels again. Even if Obama dances the Samba, those effects would only be felt by 2010.

    And then we didn't even talk about the possible risk of a fierce US$ devaluation...

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  6. I wrote before that the ANC in South Africa is facing hard times, especially in the upcoming 2009 elections and certainly in the 2014 elections. In a poll lost week, the ANC breakaway COPE (Congress of the people) party, ,would have received 12 of the 27 seats, the Democratic Alliance party 10 and the ANC, which previously held all of the seats only... 3.

    Just as Andrtew Feinstein predicted in his book "After the Party".

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  7. Update December 13th: average of 20 predictions is that 1 Euro will yield 3,14 BRL on December 2009; that's a little bit less than what it yields today (3,14). I remain with my position that the Euro will lower to 2,53 Reais by end 2009.

    The first question in the new set of 10 prediction questions for the coming: what will the EUR / BRL rate be on December 31st 2009?
    My prediction is 2,53, what is yours? Vote here (caution: use . instead of , as a decimal marker)

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  8. A long overdue update on the Brazilianand South African economy. I included some Belgian figures for the sake of comparison. You can download the original presentation on Slideshare.
    It goes without saying that I'm extremely sceptical on the South African prospects for 2009 and 2010. As I've written many times before, from Q2 2009 you'll be able to buy into unseen real estate bargains in South Africa. The prices will further plummet and the South African rand will remain low. It's hard to predict however when the uptake will then happen. Although the prospects of Africa as a continent are not at all bad; South Africa is really structurally ill and it will take a while to heal.

    As to my biggest worry: the freefloat currency mess, which was my main concern as to the Brazilian Economy in a short term, the Real moved back to pre-crisis patterns. I wrote extensively end September and beginning October how unique the chance was to buy into Reals. The BRL is now again in the 0,35 - 0,375 bracket against to the EU; which is still sound enogh to buy into. When the Reals would move again up above 0,375 to the Euro, I would gold my horses. When the currency would leave that level however, the Banco Central will probably level off the selic intrest rate somewhat. Personally I hope however that move will be taken later than sooner.

    Any opinions, input or considerations on the state of the economy in Brazil and South Africa?

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  9. The degree of denial on the economical tundra that lais ahead of us is truly mindblowing. To a big degree I blame the mainstream press for this. Like I wrote many times before the Belgian mainstream press (including De tijd, De Morgen and especially the VRT) all fail to give real analysis of what is happening and especially of what's ahead; vox populi indeed. While I have been predictint doom since mid 2007 all of them have been writing until last August that Europe is well shielded and that recession in the US was highly unlikely. Real estate prices were still going up and Belgian real estate would very much unlikely ever go down.
    As if everything will soon be OK again? I can't help picturing Willie Coyote still "hanging" in the air, pondering what is happening just seconds before he falls down.

    Get real or go home !
    Look around you, the impact of this Tornado on 'real life' is hitting shores and the storm is here to stay, for many years.

    Luckily some people do read the relevant news sources, Vincent Touquet is one of them, he just beamed me the below excellent presentation of Sequoia: This is not going to be a V-shaped recession: recovery will be long and hard.

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  10. "Keating economic: John Mc Cain & the Financial Crisis": one of the best documentaries of the Obama's campaign.
    I just fear this is not a donut for the average America, Palin swallows easier.

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