1. One of the annoying things in Europe and America is the misrepresentation of Latin America in the English, French and Dutch speaking press. Personally I prefer relying on what I see and hear personally than what biased journalists want me to believe. One of those reliable sources is the yearly survey the Chilean polling firm 'Latinobarometro' publishes every year.
    In 2007, 20.000 people from Latin America have been surveyed. The surveys were performed by reputable local polling companies such as Gallup and MORI. The study was published mid November. But strangely enough, no English speaking media has published an article on this important snapshot of Latin American views and opinions. When reading the 112 page long report of the survey, you’ll understand how fundamentally different the democracies in Latin American are becoming from the United States and most European countries. If we would plug in the answers from Belgian citizens in the charts of the report, we would quickly understand that the basis of the political crisis in Belgium is actually not a political crisis but a crisis of its citizens and their belief in the kind of democracy Belgium has become.

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