1. Some people swear by the "crane factor" (counting the number of cranes you see when driving from the airport to your hotel and deriving the economical growth of a city/country from it). I have another theory: "the online t-shirt shop factor". The number of online t-shirt shops per capita tell you something of the entrepeneurshop and creativity of a country.

    So, I decided to do the test for Brazil. At least once a week I'll do a review of an online Brazilian T-shirt show and buy one of their T-shirts, delivered to our Brazilian address, since most are targeted to the national market. If you'd like to order one yourself: we can always take it with us from Brazil, just drop us a mail what you'd want.

    1. Camiseteria - www.camiseteria.com.br

    Camiseteria is the brainchild of Fabio Seixas. The Brazilian threadless; I even think there is some official link between Camiseteria and Threadless, but Fabio has to enlighten me on that one. T-shirts are only sold on the site, not in (Brazilian) stores. The site is high-class, and developed by Brazilian Ebit. There's a nice social networking integration where you can meet people who already bought the Tee you are considering and see how the T-shirt fits on them. Delivery only in Brazil (you need a CEP nr).
    I ordered: Welcome to Rio and Birdy. Price per T-shirt: 55 R$ (20,6 €).

    RSS feed of the Camiseteria Blog and New Products.

    Welcome to Rio

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