1. We're currently managing projects in 4 countries on 3 continents. I won't go into details, the website of WillPower Group will reveal more later this spring. We've been working hard on the reporting structures the last years; not in the least the budgettary and cashflow side. What's still lacking though is an idea on the amount of manhours spend on each project. We are now thinking of implementing an efficient timetracking system.
    We've tried Harvest for a while, but it is too complex because it is based on a typical agency structure where personnel has to input ours and one central person has to sign those hours off before clients are billed. In our case, the reporting facet is more important. We've tried Fourteen Dayz today and were happily surprised. Yet, the pricing structure is somewhat odd, for our needs we would have to pay 99 US$ per month.
    And then we stumbled on Tick, which integrates smoothly into our Basecamp. Anybody who has second thoughts on the matter before we sign up?

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