Mar 5 2011

Rio de Janeiro Carnaval versus South Africa Worldcup

By John Baeyens | Share This Brazil

In 2009, 730.000 tourists attended carnaval, of which 20% foreigners, representing an extra spending of US$ 528 million during that week.

This year more than a million tourists are expected, of which 30% foreigners.  The association of hotels in Rio (ABIH-RJ) announced that the occupation of hotels in Rio exceeds 95%.  Flamengo and Centro have an occupancy of over 99% of the available rooms, Copacabana and Leme surpass 97% and Ipanema and Leblon are about 95% full.

During the June-July South African worldcup, 300.000 foreign visitors came to the whole of South Africa.  In Rio, only on one week, 300.000 foreign visitors will attend carnaval.  Putting things in perspective...

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