Apr 10 2011

South Africa and illegal weapons

By John Baeyens | Share This South Africa

The debate on weather Brazilians can legally carry weapons is again all alive In 2005, more than 63% of the Brazilians voted against a law which would prohibit weapons to be sold and carried.
I would have voted for the law (to abolish free carriage of weapons) in 2005. Today, I would vote against it. There is a rational for allowing people to carry guns, that is registered guns. Almost all murders and kidnappings in Brazil are done by illegal guns.  Actually, in the Southern Brazilian states, where there is the highest number of legal guns per citizens, only 59% of all murders were caused by firearms in contrast to 70% in the Northeast where there is the lowest number of legal firearms per citizen.

Just look at South African Farmitracker to understand why you would want to carry a gun nin South Africa.
attacks on white south africans

The core discussion should not be focused on posession of guns, rather the sales and traficing of illegal weapons.
Yesterday the South African National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) announced that South Africa sold R 70 million of arms to Libya in 2010.  The South African government approved in 2010 the sale of a whopping R 35 billion of military hardware to 78 of the world's most repressive regimes; exports included: Algeria (R 158,3 million), Azerbaijan (R 119,1 million), Burundi (R 119,1 million), Equatorial Guinea (R 5,8 million), Pakistan (R 34,6 million), China (R60,5 million) and Saudi Arabia (R 68,2 million).The production capacity of South Africa in the illegal arms dealing within Africa is just absolutely mindblowing. The map below says it all: why don't the US and Europe stop all export of weapons and ask other countries to do the same? A worldwide ruling that handguns and rifles cannot be exported by any country. Each state can produce their weapons themselves.


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