May 31 2009

South Africa: drinking water problems, crime escalation

By John Baeyens | Share This South Africa

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Meanwhile in South Africa things are deteriorating.
This weekend The Times reported on recent water tests in Durban where more than half of the tests did not meet health standards.
“It shows this water is not protected and organisms are growing at a hell of a rate.”

Meanwhile a business man offered Zuma 1 billion Rand to buy satellite equipment, computers and helicopters for regular patrols - they would be available to police all over this country.  The business man sees crime as the biggest threat to South Africa and right he is.  But a "donation"?  There's nothing like "Cash in the table"..or should I say, "There's never a thing called Free Lunch". What's the catch? Surely a man cannot just wake up and think about donating R1 billion to the state...the devil is in the details.
Readers wonder who'll be able to operate this tech material, the army already doesn't have people to operate or maintain new boats, U-boats and planes.

Also, let's not forget that last February Zuma and the ANC abolished the Scorpions, South Africa's elite corps who was investigating the ANC.




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