Feb 22 2008

The Amazon, Brazil, the US and CO2 emissions

By John Baeyens | Share This Brazil

I just stumbled on this article, where Jonah Lehrer claims that Brazil and India are after the US the biggest releasers of greenhouse gasses.  Absurd of course, the CEO emissions of Brazil are dwarfed by the size of CO2 emissions of the US.

And why do people keep nagging about the Amazon deforestation?  Why doesn't the US pull out the figures of its own deforrestation of the last 2 centuries?  And Europe? 
Why would Brazil as a souvereign nation not have the right to the same percentage of deforrestation that the US and Europe once cleared?    Why doesn't every Brazilian citizens has the same right of a CO2 emission per capital equal to that of a US citizens.  Actually, the increase of CO2 emission per capita in the US is still 5 times as big as the increase of CO2 emissions per capita in Brazil.  Read that again: the US CO2 emission per capita is growing 5 times as fast as that of Brazil.   Before North Americans dare to utter the A of Amazon they should work on putting their yearly increase down to the Brazilian per capita norms.  No, actually they should bring the emission per capita down to the nominal level of emissions per capita in Brazil.  Only then we can start talking about deforrestation in the Amazon.

Read this excellent article on the matter.
"After all, why shouldn't Brazilians strive for a higher quality of life for themselves and their children? Further, the recent discovery of massive oil fields off the Brazilian coast show that the resources deemed necessary will be harvested, be they petroleum or tropical forest. Fortunately, there are better ways to develop the country than plowing over the Amazon for crop and grazing land, as the lands to the more developed south are far more productive over the medium- and long-term. Environmental policy advocates interested in really working to save the Amazon must acknowledge the validity of Brazil's economic ambitions and the urgency of creating good jobs and better living conditions for Brazilians, even those in cities as far-removed from the jungle as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo."

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